Individual physical dataroom for Zarat Field and/or Exploration Block with access to seismic workstationTechnical and contractual data are available for review.Beicip-Franlab office is located near Paris:232, Avenue Napoléon Bonaparte92502 Rueil-MalmaisonFrance

Participation Data

  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Dataroom organization
    • 0.5 day for technical and legal presentation
    • 1.5 day for data review (access to workstation, reports) and Q&A
  • Bids expected to be due on 30th January 2020 (detailed bidding instructions will be provided during the physical dataroom)
  • Bids opening is one week after the final offers receipt

Dataroom fee

  • Zarat Field
  • 1500$
  • Exploration Block
  • 1500$
  • Zarat Field + Exploration Block
  • 2500$